Test racing game, a game created with Macromedia Flash 8

Screenshot 1: Main menu

This is the main menu. It's a very simple menu with a title, the name of the creator (mine) and 2 options. Both buttons are animated

Screenshot 2: homepage.

This is a homepage where you can find a link to this website (currently not working for some reason, maybe it works for you), and the credits

Screenshots 3 and 4: Actual gameplay

The gameplay consists of an Audi R8 in a circuit with 4 checkpoints. Neither of them works properly due to an error on the lap script, but hopefully I got the timer working. You can share your time on the game. The highest time in the circuit will be placed in the ranking of the video game times. You can send me your time plus photographic evidence through my Discord via direct message: Splat's Mod#7606. Good luck racers!!


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